Sermon Outlines
When He Came to Himself
“When He Came to Himself”
Luke 15:11-24
by Dr. Steve Cook

I.  Introduction
A.        Read Text – Luke 15:11-24
B.        This story is often called the story of “The Parable of the
       Prodigal Son”  (the word prodigal means wasteful).
C.        We could also call this story “The Parable of the Loving Father”
       because it emphasizes the loving and forgiving father more than
       the sins of the son.
D.        Notice, however, the phrase found in vs. 17 – “And when he
       came to himself.”
E.        Many young people leave home in order to “find themselves”;  
       as a matter of fact, many started looking back in the 60’s and
       still haven’t found themselves!
F.         Another common expression is “he is not quite himself today!”
G.        Here we read of a young man who “came TO himself”.
H.        There are some important lessons to learn in this passage of
I.         Let us examine some this evening and glean from the Word of

II.  The Rebellion of the Prodigal Son  (Luke 15:11-13)
A.        We find in our story a young man who was selfish, disrespectful,
       and impatient.
B.        ALL of us have been this way at one time or another, and the
       result is always disastrous!
C.        This younger son desired the inheritance that was due him from
       his father, so he asked for it in advance of his father’s death.
D.        It has been said, “A man’s worst difficulties begin when he is
       able to do just as he likes!”
E.        How selfish, disrespectful, and impatient this young man was!  
F.        The young man was covetous, and this led to his problems –
       Covetousness is a great SIN because it leads to many other sins.
G.        This youngster lost sight of his Father, focused on things, and
       lost all sense of himself!
H.        There are examples in the Word of God where other men have
       done the same –
       1.        Diotrephes – Read 3 John 9-11
       2.        Peter – Read John 21:1-3
I.         The prodigal son went to a far country in search of good time, but
      he found only sorrow, shame, and suffering!

III.  The Repentance of the Prodigal Son  (Luke 15:14-19)
A.        Notice vs. 14 – “he began to be in want”.
B.        The greatest reason for his repentance is that he began to be in
C.        This is the reason people come to Christ for salvation!
D.        The WORLD cannot satisfy – SIN has pleasures, but only for a
E.        People turn to drugs, alcohol, and crime for lack of satisfaction!
F.        What is it that YOU are searching for?  Have YOU found it in the
      WORLD?  Have YOU found it in SIN for a season?  Have YOU
      found it in drugs, alcohol, or anywhere else?  Of course the
      answer is “NO!”
G.       It is during these difficulties that the LORD can best be heard!
H.       Read - Revelation 3:14-22
I.        The Church of Laodicea had the same problem – vs. 17
J.        In vs. 19, we see the loving, merciful hand of God as He works in
      our lives to bring us unto Himself. What tenderness the Lord
      employs to bring us unto ourselves!  
K.       Read – Genesis 50:18-20
L.        Read – Romans 2:4
M.      Yes, this could easily be called “The Parable of the Loving
N.       Notice the sons act of TRUE REPENTANCE – In vs. 12 he said,
     “Give Me!”, but NOW in vs. 19 he pledges to say, “Make Me!”
O.      “Godly sorrow worketh repentance!”  (2 Cor. 7:10)
P.       There is much more to repentance than just lip service – We must  
     put it into appropriate action!  By going to the LORD in heartfelt
     sorrow, agreeing with what He says about SIN, and following Him
     in FAITH!
Q.      Do YOU need to COME TO YOURSELF????

IV.     The Rejoicing of the Prodigal Son  (Luke 15:20-24)
A.       What a wonderful day it was for the Prodigal who came Home!
B.       In the far country, he had learned the meaning of Misery, but at
      home he learned the meaning of Mercy!
C.       The Father was Looking for His Son……He RAN to Greet
      Him…..He put on him a robe, shoes, and signet ring…….and
      Celebrated His Return!
D.       What a grand and glorious meeting there was on that day!
E.        Sinner, the same can occur today IF you will be “Come to
      Yourself”;  Realize that you are in want that the world cannot
      satisfy…..Trust the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His glorious
      resurrection power.
F.        Christian friends, Are YOU like the Prodigal Son?  Have YOU
      been in a Far Country selfish serving your own lusts?  Have YOU
      found that YOU too are in Want of Something that YOU once had?
G.       Why not return to the Father who loves and forgives graciously?
H.       “Come to Yourself” and then “Come to the Father”!!
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